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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale the overall quality of the designer team and service levels, and promote the rational flow of talent and configuration; At the same time the association will be the practice of innovative thinking of the Association 's purpose, and continuously for the Designer of professional qualification and assessment, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of designers, Shenzhen clothing brand protection of intellectual property rights offer. Some members of the Association also said at the meeting, in improving the overall quality of the industry team to serve The common interests of members, the establishment of a good order of the industry will fully support the Association 's work to help industries and regional economic development. Promote the fashion culture, interpretation of the classic costumes, the Association of the future designers will continue To enhance their cohesion and influence, blaze new trails, with the times, a role of prominent 'Shenzhen designer home' for the Shenzhen and discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet is not much brand, so each Haute Couture week, involved in each brand can get a good publicity. Advanced customization is a high demand for fashion design field, every designer will get the respect of society and the media. From the quarterly release of the results, Giambattista Valli is really worthy of praise of the big designers, whether it is high-level custom series or senior clothing series, his design shows the big-name designers have matured. In the 2014 autumn and winter series of advanced customization, Giambattista Valli give full play to their own design features, dress skirt are unusually gorgeous, flowers, he was applied to the extreme elements, but also with the combination of **. Describe the scenes like life is great happiness of the heroine, wake up in the morning wandering in the beautiful European style garden, enjoy the sun bathing and fragrant flowers, so even in the design of the elements into the pajamas, giving a special accident. In fact, the designer Giambattista Valli is from the Spanish Alhambra ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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