Traditional Collection System and Sap Storage Tanks



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2 Gallon Used Aluminum Sap Bucket please contact

2 gallon used metal sap buckets, when available.

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2 Gallon New Plastic Bucket   please contact 2 gallon new plastic bucket, translucent green that allows you to determine level of sap in the bucket from a distance.  Manufactured in Ontario.  
3 Gallon New Plastic Sap Bucket please contact 3 gallon new plastic bucket, translucent green.  Manufactured in Ontario.  
Plastic Sap Bucket Covers  

please contact

Plastic lid with stainless steel pin/fits either the 2 or 3 gallon plastic buckets.

2 gallon lid with stainless steel pin $2.80 made in Ontario

Sap Bucket Covers   please contact New metal sap bucket covers for aluminium buckets with wire.  
5/16" Plastic Tree Saver Spout   please contact New 5/16" tree saver spouts, ideal for small trees and the small producers. Made for producers in Ontario.   
7/16" Royale Cast Spout   please contact New 7/16" Royal cast aluminum spout, our best seller, requires a 7/16" drill bit.   
7/16"Green Plastic Spout   please contact New green coloured plastic spout made in Ontario.  
Spout Driver please contact

 Spout driver, useful for installing and restoring aluminum spouts.

Gathering Tanks   please contact
  •  Discontinued
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Polyethylene Tanks   please contact
  • Vertical, Horizontal, and Pick up Truck Tanks
  • 35 US gallon with 5" diameter lid and 3/4" drain  
  • 55 US gallon with 5" diameter lid and 3/4"drain  
  • Available from 12 to 1800 gal.
Tanks   please contact
  • From 47 to 5,000 Imp. Gal.
  • Stainless steel, heavy duty structure
  • Bright anneal or unpolished finish
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