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Atago Digital Refractometer    call Out of stock

Digital refractometer,use for syrup or sap

Hydrometers and Hydrotherm  


$ 16.95 to $49.95

Sap hydrometer reads from 0 to 15 brix.  The Quebec hydrotherm measures the density of maple syrup.  The thermal-hydrometer is a very accurate hydrometer that can be used to calculate syrup density within .02 of a brix.

Sap and Syrup hydrometers in stock Syrup thermal- hydrometer now in stock

Hydrometer Stainless Steel Cup

 $  37.00

$ 43.00

10" hydrometer cup, all stainless steel for use with hydrometers. 

14" hydrometer cup, all stainless steel for use with the thermal hydrometer.


Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer $ 129.95 A hand held digital thermometer that producers love.  It provides a very accurate temperature reading for a moderate cost. 

Currently not available  

Battery Operated Digital Thermometer


  $  29.95 An inexpensive digital thermometer that is a must for the small or beginning producer interested in making value added products.    

Candy Thermometer

$  19.95 Taylor like candy thermometer with stainless steel back and clip used for making maple syrup and other maple value added products. Ideal for small and hobby producers

Misco Digital Refractometer

 $625.00 Misco Digital Refractometer that measures density from    0 to 85 brix.  Also can measure density of syrup when it is above 85 degrees F. Provides accurate density readings

MT45 Refractometer

$160.00 MT45 refractometer that can measure the density of hot syrup (45-82 brix) Provides density readings of syrup

Dial Thermometers

Call Three and five inch dial thermometers for your syrup pans. Also dial thermometers for bottling equipment. Fits all 1/4" syrup pan fittings.

YSTEC Digital Thermometer

$299.00 Ystec Digital thermometer, comes complete with barometer and alarm.  Provides the producer with the boiling point of water at their location on any given day.  Also can be used to determine when to draw off syrup. Very good equipment, made in Canada for maple producers.

Hanna Light Transmittance Tester

   call Tests the light transmittance of syrup for proper colour grading   

 Low Sap  Level Alarm

$185.00 YSTEC low level alarm, sounds alarm when sap in pan drops below the prescribed level.  It will also shut down an oil burner if the level is not corrected within 20 seconds. This unit protects both the flue and syrup pans at the same time.  Also can be used on wood fired evaporators to alert the operator of low sap levels in the pans. Ideal for TSSA field certification of oil burning evaporators

Automatic Syrup Draw-off

Call Automatic controller which opens at a preset temperature for syrup draw-off.  The controller is adjustable to provide the desired density. Ideal for medium and larger evaporators.

ACER Temporary Grading Kit

  $42.00 Acer temporary grading kit for the new Federal and Provicial grading systems. Four bottles in grading set.  Grades golden, amber, dark and very dark.

Lovibond permanent colour comparitor (New Grading System)

  Call  Lovibond permanent colour comparitor for new grading system.