Reverse Osmosis



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 Lapierre Jr R.O.   Call
  • 2 models available - 100 gph and 200 gph
  • Ideal for starter R.O. 
  • Junior model
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 Turbo   Call
  • Available 125 gph, 250 gph
  • 600 gph to 2400 gph
  • Completely CSA approved
  • Turbo model
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 New Generation   Call
  • Available 125 gph, 250 gph
  • 600 gph to 2400 gph
  • Completely CSA approved
  • Many options available 
  • New generation model
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New Generation Model  Call

 600 gallon per hour expandable New Generation Model in stock now.

Complete 8" Add On Vessel  Call

Increase the output of your RO by adding one more vessel, complete with a new membrane.  Call for pricing and have it installed locally.

RO Membrane Call

 4" and 8" inch membranes.


RO Membrane Storage Canister


 4" and 8" RO membrane storage canisters available

Membrane Soap  $19.00

Soap approved to clean membranes.  Suggested ph level of solution should be 11 for Lapierre Mark E8 and Mark I membranes.

Membrane Storage Preservative  $20.25

SMBS storage preservative to be used when storing membranes until the next season or long term storage.

RO Filter Sleeves  $19.00

RO prefilter sleeves, package of five used to extend the life of the 5 micron prefilter.    Tubular pre-filter cloth, six per pack $27.60.                                     


RO Filter Cartridge


Five micron filter cartridge, available by the individual unit or by a case of 20.                                                Purex high performance 20" filters $5.95 per unit.

RO ph Test Strips   $15.40

 Test strips for checking the ph level of the membrane cleaning solution.

RO Seal and "O" Ring Kit Call

 Seal and "O" ring kits for RO's